Gym Equipment

Athletic, Gymnasium and Recreational Division

Hardware Sales & Service offers a variety of athletic and recreational equipment for gymnasiums, schools, and indoor or outdoor recreational facilities. We understand not all facilities are designed the same, and for this reason alone we work closely with our vendors and manufacturers to obtain the best systems for the best value for our customers needs.
We can supply and install backstops, backboards, goalposts, soccer goals, tennis and volleyball posts/nets.  Other Products in this division include scoreboards, bleachers, benches, divider curtains, indoor and outdoor basketball systems and wall padding.  - “Gymnasium equipment”
Let our experienced team assist you with your athletic equipment, whether your needs are ceiling suspended or mounted units, wall mounted, or if the equipment is permanently mounted to the floor.  We can even assist if your needs are for a portable and freestanding unit.

Gymnasium Equipment Maintenance

The one thing no one thinks about until costly repairs happen is maintenance and performance. Vitally important and cost effective for school districts and other limited budget programs. A well maintained facility will have less repairs.
Inspecting and repairing gymnasium and athletic equipment is a crucial part of any facility maintenance program. Our team of specialists can perform a comprehensive review to help ensure your facilities are at peak performance.
We offer maintenance on bleachers, basketball backstops and supports, gym divider curtains, safety padding/safety straps, height adjusters/winches, cables etc...
Keeping your facilities performing efficiently can be as easy as a phone-call to our specialists.